Ordinary: something regular, customary, or usual
Odyssey: a long series of wanderings or adventures

An Ordinary Odyssey is a blog about finding adventure in the everyday places that surround us. Too often, we talk ourselves out of getting out there and fully experiencing life. We tell ourselves that we don’t have enough money or time. That we don’t live somewhere interesting enough. That we couldn’t possibly go out alone. Or that it takes too much time to learn the skills or research the possibilities. It is easy to believe these statements and let them keep us from living a life full of adventure.

This blog is a combination of two things that might someday evolve into something more! It is my personal blog to document story of overcoming those obstacles and learning that adventure doesn’t have to be big, bold and audacious to be worthwhile and life-changing. My hope is that through my story and what resources I have to share that I can inspire you to let go of your excuses and get out there as well. It is also a Southeast Wisconsin Hiking Resource! I started my adventuring journey on the hiking trails in Wisconsin and then fully committed to it when I started a women’s hiking group based out of Milwaukee. The group is growing fast and when Covid-19 hit and I had to shut down for safety, I wanted to create a resource that would help people get out on the trails without a guide. I searched and found some resources, but they were geared towards experienced hikers or involved hopping between websites. So this is my take on an all-in-one resource!

Christine Noelle

Christine grew up in Central Wisconsin where her father was a self-employed mechanic and her mother worked at a Del-Monte plant. With three older siblings, money was always tight and adventures were limited to the small patch of woods between the corn fields, the irrigation creek at the edge of the property, and her imagination. Today, Christine lives in Oak Creek just south of Milwaukee and works as a nonprofit administrator at a small, grassroots non-profit. The work is as demanding as it is rewarding. In the free-time she is able to carve out for herself she spends as much time as possible pursuing adventure. She runs a 700+ member hiking group where she encourages beginning hikers to explore urban trails. She takes pole dancing classes and does really poor chalk pastel drawings. She collects beach glass and fossils on the shores of Lake Michigan and tends to her balcony vegetable garden.  And she takes every opportunity to taste test ice cream and chai lattes at all the local shops, because life is short and these are her favorite vices to indulge in!